A Research Project on Literacy Essential Skills and Business Performance

The research will examine the relationship between the literacy and essential skills levels of workers and the business performance of manufacturing businesses. Data on 14 business success indicators (BSIs), provided by ± 48 participating businesses across Canada, will be analyzed. The project aims to provide evidence that can help manufacturing businesses make strategic investment decisions regarding Literacy and Essential Skills training of their workforce that would improve enterprise performance.



recherche Why is this research important?

Through extensive research, the Government of Canada and other national and international agencies have identified and validated key essential skills for the workplace. These skills are used in nearly every job and enable people to evolve with their jobs, to learn other skills, and to adapt to workplace changes.

Currently, Canada has no Literacy and Essential Skills (LES) data or much research at the enterprise level in the manufacturing sector. This information is crucial for individual manufacturing businesses in the second largest Canadian industrial sector in order to modernize and to compete globally. This project will be a first attempt to fill this gap. 

recherche Description of the Project

  • Research conducted in manufacturing businesses across 10 Canadian provinces
  • Participation of employees
  • 2 Community Futures organizations per province:
    • Will assign an employee to play the role of SUPPORT AGENT
    • Will recruit 2 businesses and coordinate the research activities within those businesses

recherche What's in it for my Business?

  • Essential skills assessment of all employees
  • Individual business profile (LES & BSIs)
  • Performance reporting matrix for your business
  • Business manufacturing sector LES and BSI profile
  • Index of business success
  • Essential skills training decision-making tool
  • Free iPad
  • Option to participate in an all-expense paid conference at the end of the project
  • Monetary compensation for costs related to the research activities
  • All business data will remain confidential and secure

recherche What is asked of my business?

With the assistance of the local Support Agent, each participating business will complete the following:

  • Business Information Form
  • Initial Interview
  • Employee List
  • Schedule of Employee Assessment Session
  • Employee Assessment Sessions
    • Employee Survey, and
    • ES Online literacy assessment
  • Employer Survey