This INNOVATIVE RESEARCH PROJECT WILL PROVIDE KEY STRATEGIC INFORMATION TO YOUR MANUFACTURING BUSINESS that will support your performance improvement efforts. The research will examine the relationship between the literacy and essential skills levels of workers and the performance of your business. The project researchers will analyze data on 14 business success indicators (BSIs) from ± 48 participating businesses across Canada, and will produce practical tools that you will be able to use in your business. 

As soon as your company has completed the research activities, the project will generate your Individual Business Profile (online in your company’s secure section of the project’s Website) presenting the data provided by the company on the 13 BSIs for 2011, 2012, 2013 including a unique view of the literacy and essential skills (LES) of your workers.

Project Deliverables

Other Direct Benefits

  • ALL research activities and products are FREE for participating businesses
  • Free iPad
  • Option to participate in an all-expense paid conference in 2016
  • Monetary compensation for costs related to research activities
  • All business data will remain confidential and secure